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COHG Hotels & Resorts is “Chain Hotel Management” in Indonesia, which is offers hotel management / operator services and business solutions. Smart hotel with a touch of “SMART SATELLITE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” style, with the ability of hotel management in 1 to 5 stars.

Key Concepts:
1. Clear Management
2. Revenue Transparency
3. Report Simplify
4. Clear Standards and Procedures
5. Firm Policy and Procedures
6. Corporate ID consistency

COHG HOTELS & RESORTS has focused on maximizing the potential of the hotel to generate maximum revenue, cash flow is controlled by creating new innovations in terms of developing a hotel products, improve service to guests and develop human resources

If you are interested in hotel management services provided by the COHG Hotels & Resorts and would like to get further information, please send your contact to our “Become an Investor” button below or you can directly contact our Director email:

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